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Recruitment Process

It is the policy of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to ensure that all types of appointment to positions are based on a fair, open and transparent process. The paramount consideration in the appointment of staff of the ACC is the highest standards of qualification, professionalism, efficiency, competence and integrity. 

Appointments to the ACC are of three types:

  • Appointment to the permanent establishment subject to Successive appraisal (Permanent Appointment)
  • Appointment on Contract (Contract Appointment)
  • Appointment on Secondment

The recruitment process is fair, transparent and open and appointment decisions are based solely on merit. The process will vary according to the level of post to be filled.

Selection and appointment will be on the basis of the possession of the basic qualifications set out in the job description or in the case of the operational departments as set out in the Scheme of Service for the ACC Operational Cadre and an interview and/or written exams or test.


Vacancies from Grade 8 and above will be advertised simultaneously internally and externally to attract the best possible candidates for the position and encourage open competition.

Vacancies for positions below the above-mentioned levels may be advertised internally first and if no suitable candidate is found, external candidates will be invited to apply.

Advertisements will include the following information:

  • Job Title, Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Person specification – the knowledge, qualification, skills and abilities required
  • Working conditions (e.g job location, working hours)

Vacancies may be advertised in the local newspapers, on radio and/or on the Commission’s website.


  • Selection for employment in the ACC will be on the basis of merit and in the context of fair and open competition. To this end:
  • Prospective applicants will be given equal and reasonable access to information about a vacant position and its requirements, about the amount of experience and/or qualifications required and about the selection process;
  • All eligible applicants will be considered equally on merit at each stage of the selection process;
  • Selection will be based on criteria relevant to the post to which the appointment is to be made;
  • Selection procedures will be reliable and guard against bias, and equality of opportunity will apply throughout the recruitment process.
  • At the end of each stage in the selection process, successful candidates will be informed accordingly.
  • Feedback will be given to unsuccessful candidates on request.
  • The Selection panel should be broad based and should comprise of persons who are skilled or competent in the area of the position being advertised.
  • The selection panel shall make a recommendation to the Commissioner who shall in consultation with the Director of the relevant Department decide on the final selection.
  • Candidates who have reason to believe that they were assessed unfairly may appeal the decision of the selection panel to the Commissioner and if still dissatisfied they may appeal the decision to the Advisory Board of the Commission. Normally, final selection decisions will be made by the Commissioner, but in cases where the Commissioner was a member of the selection panel; such appeals will be sent directly to the ACC’s Advisory Board. The appellate body’s decision will be final.

Offer of Employment

Candidates selected for appointment to the ACC will be sent an offer of employment. Candidates must accept the offer within 10 days from the receipt of this offer. If the candidate fails to respond within this period the offer will be considered to have been declined.

If a selected candidate declines to accept the position or for some other reason is not available for appointment, Management will decide whether to offer the position to the candidate who came second or third in the interview or whether to re-advertise for the position.

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