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Date: 2017-05-15

Management of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) South, has engaged in talks with management of the Sierra Leone Police, at the Assistant of Inspector General of Police (AIG) office, Bo; on emerging issues following dismantling of checkpoints across the Southern Region. PNB reports indicate erection of makeshift checkpoints at Kalia along Bo-Kenema and Koribondo Highway, and increased bribery (booking) at Fala checkpoint on entering Bo.

“Traffic officers at Kalia appear refusing to be visible on duty and will solicit monies from motor drivers. At Fala checkpoint drivers climb down their vehicles and head to the booth to make payment (booking),” complaints indicate. Southern Regional Coordinator of CARL Jeremy Simbo said, they see checkpoints at places where they had been dismantled; and where they are supposed to exist, officers indulge in malpractices.

Southern Regional Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Samuel Marah, said the talks are necessary to identify the problems and develop mechanisms to address them. He said, Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign seeks to address bribery by developing policies regulating conduct of public officers. “The meeting is a frank discussion and is part of the administrative approach to tackle malpractices perpetuated by public officers,” Mr. Marah noted.

According to him, the SLP as a Force is a structure of good governance that should be defined by professionalism. Exhibition of integrity is a value that will earn the Force public confidence and support. Mr. Marah said the ACC will continue to engage the SLP to develop measures aimed at addressing malpractices the personnel are grappling with.

The SLP however is a reliable partner of the Commission with whom it shares intelligence, pool resources, and conduct joint operations aiming at tackling graft.

Senior Investigations Officer, ACC South said, the police have been assisting with the arrest of accused persons, provision of security to ACC staff on operations and detention facilities for suspects.

Responding, AIG South Mustapha Kamara said, the purpose of checkpoints is to ensure compliance to laws, rules and regulations; and safety of users of the road. According to him, establishment of checkpoints is not a bad idea, but happenings at the stopping points are what management of the SLP frowns at. He said acts of bribery at checkpoints are unacceptable. He instructed Head of CDIID to increase unannounced checks at the said places.

The SLP will also institute a measure of rotating officers at gazetted checkpoints and cause them to produce report of their operations. He told members of SLP management to strengthen supervision of their staff and ensure bad eggs are weeded out.

The PNB is funded by UK Government and Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), with Coffey International providing technical support to the ACC.

The Pay No Bribe campaign seeks to increase service delivery at the SLP, while curbing malpractices. It targets five service delivery institutions such as the police, health, education, GUMA/SALWACO, and EDSA. It analyses trends in bribery and proffers administrative measures to tackle the problem.

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