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Date: 2017-10-10

“Girls of this great school in Moyamba, standards have fallen in the educational sector; bribery for admission is prevalent; bribery for grades and promotion is a normal practice; cheating in examination halls is no longer a bane; but ridiculously, the students and pupils and their parents are an accomplice to these corrupt acts,” ACC Manager South, told students and teachers of Harford School for Girls during a three-day visit to Moyamba District.

Samuel Marah said the bedrock for societal development and rectitude is education, which in the last fifteen years is on the decline at an unimaginable proportion. While we see average turnover of pupils per school and per college increases by the day, yet we see a fine, poor quality stock, whose output does not meet societal expectations.

According to Mr. Marah, the ACC is pushing for a rebrand of the educational sector. This means pupils must play active role in tackling corruption undermining their future, thwarting their ambitions, and hampering their prosperity. Students have a responsibility to report instances of petty corruption. They have a role to stop malpractices in schools by making a phone call each time they see it happening.

Pupils can dial the PNB free line 515, download the PNB application, or access the ACC website on to stop petty corruption in schools. These platforms guarantee anonymity. Pupils can report teachers or school administrators demanding bribe for admission, or report cards, or grades, or compelling attendance at extra-classes, or obtaining extra-charges. Teachers can as well reject and report students offering bribes or spying in an examination hall.

Principal, Harford School for Girls pledged support to the fight against corruption, and said she had joined hands with the Commission not only to minimize but to stop graft in public sectors.

“My teachers and pupils are warned on a daily basis, here in the chapel where we meet for devotion and at staff meetings, and I am urging them again to desist from school malpractices and also reject and report acts of petty corruption. My administration is intolerant to bribery and stands ready to discipline any staff perpetrating the act,” Harford Principal, Isatu Peacock, said.

Harford School for Girls is loaded in history. Founded in 1900, the School has seen good times and certainly bad times.

The last fifteen years has been tough for the School, but Madam Peacock believed it is picking up. With a sizable number of about 600 pupils, the School had 100% pass in BECE in 2016, for which it received an award.

Achievements have also been made in the WASSCE examinations in 2015 and 2016.

Harford has an impressive infrastructure with a spacious campus for pupils, but yet battles with rehabilitation of the said facility.

The ACC looks forward to working with its administration to enhance quality teaching. The Commission will reactivate the integrity club in the school and will ensure it undertakes anti-corruption programmes.

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