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Date: 2017-11-09

'Bribery has adversely affected every aspect of our daily lives, we can only turn this situation around when we break our silence and say NO to bribery.' This sentiment was expressed by Regent Chief Sidiki Koroma of Ngowahum Chiefdom, Bombali District in a community outreach meeting held by the Northern Region Office of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Friday 3rd November 2017.

Chief Koroma, addressing his people at the Kalangba Court Barray, emphasized that fighting bribery is for the good of the poor as they suffer more from acts of bribery and corruption. He implored all to support the battle against graft for the development of Kalangba community.

ACC Public Education Officer Abdul Karim Bangura underscored the significance of the meeting noting that it was to sensitize the people of Kalangba town on the Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign and the bad effects of bribery on their livelihood. He further said, PNB is a data capturing platform that empowers Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to report incidents of bribery which they experience on a day-to-day basis in the education, health, SLP, SALWACO/GUMA sectors.

He furthered that PNB provides for MDAs to make targeted intervention to address bribery within their institutions. PNB is funded by the United Kingdom (UK) Government in financial aid and technical assistance, Bangura disclosed . The campaign is jointly led by the ACC, and the Office of the Chief of Staff, he concluded.

In his statement to the people, ACC Public Education Officer Abdulai Saccoh said, the Pay No Bribe campaign is aimed at improving service delivery in MDAs. Mr. Saccoh highlighted some of the damaging effects of bribery if people fail to collectively combat it, such as; poor standard of education, increased cost of living- resulting in poor standard of living, and poor medical service, to mention but a few.

Saccoh urged his audience to embrace the PNB campaign in a bid to defeat the scourge and restore sanity in the country.

He urged citizens to report anonymously through the PNB free line 515 on all the networks, or the mobile application in Krio, Temne and Mende.

In a related development, the team engaged staff and pupils of Kalangba Agricultural Secondary School on the PNB campaign. Staff and pupils were sensitized on the negative impacts of bribery on education, their role in the campaign and motivated to report bribery experiences in the MDAs through the PNB free line 515.

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