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Date: 2018-02-05

The Public Education and Outreach Department of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Kono, recently concluded two days mass public sensitization on the Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign in Kono District.

The mass sensitization which aimed at broadening the knowledge base of the public on matters of bribery and petty corruption in service delivery, attracted hundreds of people including; traders, pupils from diverse primary, junior and senior secondary schools, bike riders, drivers, SLP, RSLAF, MDAs, teachers, chiefdom authorities, health workers, CSOs, NGOs, farmers, women’s groups, youths and Free Health Care beneficiaries.

The sensitization had as it lead performers the Kono Entertainers and Comedians. They displayed PNB messages on IEC materials and staged drama performances in the Nimikoro and Nimiyama chiefdoms portraying the significance of the campaign and the positive actions taken by MDAs on reports made to the platform.

In his PNB message to the audiences in the various chiefdoms, the Sub-Regional Manager, Wilfred Bangura said, he is delighted with the high turnout. He said, bribery and petty corruption should be abolished totally since, they make poor people poorer.

The Manager explained the significance of the PNB programme, how it is implemented, the gains made and the roles of the public in curbing petty corruption and bribery. Mr. Bangura called on all and sundry to embrace the PNB crusade and disseminate the knowledge gained to neighbouring communities. He urged them to own the fight against bribery and petty corruption thereby contributing to the achievement of quality service delivery.

Explaining the rationale for the PNB engagement to the audiences in the two chiefdoms, ACC’s Public Education Officer, Sahr Nabieu said, the sensitization was designed to ensure the public is educated on the PNB, describing it as the road map towards curbing bribery and petty corruption in Sierra Leone.

The Public educator encouraged the participants to call the PNB 515 freelines on all networks and make use of the PNB APP in the major languages or the website: to report all forms of bribery and petty corruption.

The chiefdom authorities and the audience praised the move taken by the Commission in tackling bribery in the country especially in Kono District. They pledged their unrelenting support to the Commission in the fight against bribery and corruption through the use of 515 free phoneline.

Questions and answers coupled with the distribution of PNB information, education and communication materials climaxed the sensitization.

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