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Date: 2018-02-07

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has ended Pay No Bribe (PNB) campaign float parade in Bo city to increase mass awareness on the dangers of bribery and the benefits of reporting the menace through the free line 515. It comes almost a month following publication of the December PNB reports which indicated increase on I Paid a Bribe in the five sectors– education, health, electricity, water, and police – in Bo District.

The parade targeted lorry parks, markets, shops, saloons, offices, police stations, and passers by encouraging the public to continue to make reports on accessing services rendered by the sectors. Members of the public were encouraged to make reports when they paid a bribe, or did not pay a bribe, or met an honest official.

The parade comprised students in integrity clubs of six schools namely: Ahmadiyya, Bo Commercial, Milton Comprehensive, Christ the King College, Methodist High School and Government school Bo.

ACC Regional Manager, Samuel Marah, said ACC in Bo has succeeded in getting pupils and students to take ownership of the PNB campaign such that they take lead role in sensitizing the public on dangers of bribery. Students can better communicate to their parents, highlighting the risk they face if society is tolerant to petty corruption, and the benefits they stand to receive when petty corruption is tackled.

Teacher Coordinator, Milton Comprehensive said, pupils demonstrate the ability to talk to their parents and sisters in markets, to their fathers and brothers in lorry parks, to their friends in saloons, and to their uncles and aunts in offices–educating them on the importance of reporting bribery and the benefits of a corrupt free society. Isiaka Marveh said, he could hear students, during their reach-out, admonishing elder women to stop bribing teachers for promotion, grades, and admission.

At a reach-out to the Sierra Leone Police Headquarters in central Bo, a pupil admonished the police in a muster parade that they will like to see drivers and riders arrested for making booking payments, officers reject bribes, bail be free, and discipline instilled and maintained in the SLP. Mohamed Koroma further encouraged officers to be part of the PNB campaign.

Head of Operations, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Augustine Kabia, told the parade that the SLP is part of PNB campaign in that CDIID relates with the Commission and undertakes joint sensitization programmes on bribery. He said the police executive management board takes the fight against petty corruption seriously, and has been instituting punitive measures against defaulters.

The PNB float parade was initiated to rouse the city of Bo, drawing mass attention to the dangers of bribery, and the benefits of reporting the threat through the PNB free line 515, the mobile APP in major languages or the website

The parade was divided into three groups with assembly points at New London, Shellmingo, and Shenge market along Mahei Mboima Road. Each group led by ACC and CARL staff had thirty students with a band set drumming and trumpeting anti-corruption and pay no bribe songs, attracting mass of people. Similar campaigns are expected to be rolled out in other districts.

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