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Pay no Bribe Fourth Quarter Report for 2017

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16. ACC COMMENTS TO ELECTRICITY DATA AND RESPONSE • The ACC is commending the harmonization of fees and prices, and encourages EDSA to inform the public on the harmonized fees and prices • The ACC is looking forward to learn of the findings of the of the newly established comprehensive audit team and the actions based on these

13. ACC COMMENTS TO EDUCATION SECTOR DATA AND RESPONSE • The ACC applauds MEST and the DEO to take strict measures to tackle the issue of compulsory Saturday classes as a way to extract money from pupils and parents. The ACC encourages MEST to implement the actions to all areas where this is an issue. • The ACC further commends MEST for ensuring that extra charges are being reimbursed to parents.

22. ACC COMMENTS TO GUMA VALLEY DATA AND RESPONSE • The ACC is yet to receive confirmation from by GUMA that: • GUMA has replenished its stores in order to promote timely and accountable provision of new connections and reconnections and whether this has had the desired effect. and • The issue of road excavation permits with the SLRA has been resolved.

26. NEW STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR PNB • Pay No Bribe has established new SOPs in order to • Enable the MDAs to take timely and decisive actions on the basis of the PNB data • Make sure that MDAs at district are informed and contribute to the process, as district level authorities are key in the fight against corruption • Inform the public about actions taken by MDAs, so the public can contribute to the process and hold the MDAs accountable

10. ACC COMMENTS TO HEALTH SECTOR DATA AND RESPONSE • The ACC commends MOHS for: • The dismissal of staff when caught taking bribes for free services • Displaying Service Charter in all health facilities • Cooperating with the ACC in exposing mismanagement of resources • The ACC is looking forward to learn about the findings and recommendations of: • The interaction with the in - charge of facilities regarding registration and consultation • Patient Survey of PCMH

19. ACC COMMENTS TO SALWACO DATA AND RESPONSE ACC commends SALWACO for providing timely responses and taking administrative actions despite receiving relatively few reports .

20. GUMA VALLEY WATER COMPANY - RESPONSE SUMMARY 1 11 13 51 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Western Area Rural Western Area Urban I Did not Pay a Bribe I Met an Honest Official I Paid a Bribe

23. Sectors Median Total Average Education 16,897,500 2,250,000 Electricity 7,503,000 6,000,000 Health Care 11,407,500 1,250,000 Police 44,928,000 2,500,000 Water 1,132,500 250,000 Others 32,500 3,000,000 VALUE OF REPORTED BRIBES *The Value is calculated on the basis of the Median value and excludes ”Sexual Favours” and ”Other/beyond Value”

21. GUMA VALLEY WATER COMPANY - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Illegal Connection 1. Regular meetings with staff on the PNB. 2. GUMA Service Charters now on display on sign boards in all GUMA offices. 3. Radio Talk “Guma Hour” every fortnight. Newspaper publications on Guma services and costs. 4. Engage SLRA to expedite road excavation permits for new connections and harmonize costs. New Connection Reconnection Reduced Water Rates Other

18. SIERRA LEONE WATER COMPANY (SALWACO) - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Illegal Connection 1. SALWACO and the GUMA Valley Water Company have held meetings with the Ministry of Water Resources on issues regarding in the PNB reporting platform. 2. Management has requested the Internal Auditor to proceed ASAP to the provincial stations of BO and Kenema and report on the outcome of his unit. N/A New Connection Reconnection Reduced Water Rates Other Total

15. ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION AND SUPPLY AUTHORITY (EDSA) - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Avoid Disconnection 1. Fast - track the replacement of postpaid meters to STS compliance Meters regarding Meter replacement. 2. The Head of Customer Services to make follow up with EWRC in order to harmonize contractor’s fees and publicize new connection fees to customers. 3. Setting up a comprehensive audit team in all EDSA operational areas so that inspection and monitoring will be carried out regularly on reconnections. Meter Replacement New Connection Reconnection Reduced Bill Other

2. INTRODUCTION • The first PNB responses covered October to December 2017. • October to December 2017: 20,679 reports for implemented and non - implementing areas: • 80% “I Paid a Bribe”, 10% “I did not pay a bribe”, and 10% “I met an honest official”. • Under half (39%) of reports in the period concerned the Police Force, 30% health officials; 23% education sector officials; 5% electricity officials,1 % were about water sector officials, and Others constitute 2%. • This presentation also covers the PNB responses over the period October to December 2017. • July to September 2017: 5,768 reports • 73% “I Paid a Bribe”, 18% “Did not pay a Bribe”, and 9% “I Met an Honest Official”. • For the reporting period no significant shift in the number of reports were noticed in this quarter of reporting. Under half (41%) of reports in the period concerned the Police Force, 26% health officials; 21% education sector officials; 4% electricity officials and 2% were about water sector officials.

27. ACC finalise monthly MDA report. HQ submits to IMC HQ and Regional Managers. Regional Managers immediately share with District level IMC IMCs in HQ meets to discuss report and send out request to responsisble departments or offices Local level IMC meet to discuss report and identify preliminary responses IMC HQ recieves responses and meets to finalise collated response 5th of every month Departments within MDA draft responses and submits to IMC HQ ACC hold ”Regional Technical WG meeting” with all IMCs, District Councils and CSOs to discuss Responses. ACC to minute and share with Local IMC and ACC HQ. 5 - 10th of every month 10 - 15th of every month 20th of every month ACC receives response and sends to Regional Managers and CSO’s 25th of every month CSO and ACC hold Accountability Forums with the MDA’s discussing promissed responses and actions taken SOP Based on premilinary meeting and the WG meeting each district level IMC send responses and action to IMC HQ Freetown process District process

9. MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SANITATION - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Certificate (health, birth, death) 1. The Integrity Management Committee (IMC) through management will engage the DMO of Kenema to institute actions to correct drugs treatment and medical test occurrences. 2. DMOs of the various districts will be informed of the negative events concerning pregnancy, child birth and under 5 child health and urged to take remedial actions through responsible officers. 3. The IMC will try to contact the in - charge at the facility and devise solutions regarding registration and consultation. 1 . Two nurses were dismissed at the Bo Government hospital for the sale of free medical drugs to a blind woman. 2. 212 bed nets were seized in Kono as a result of a joint operation carried out by ACC, MOHS and consumer protection. 3. The display of MoHS Service Charter in all health facilities. 4. PCMH has established a team of monitors that conduct patient survey. Drugs and Treatment Emergency Care Medical Tests Pregnancy and Child Birth Registration and Consultation Under 5 Child Health Vaccinations Other

12. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Admissions 1. The Ministry will look into the conduct of school officials in relation to acts of bribery and corruption. It will also engage its District Education Office (DEO) staff to formulate actionable interventions through dialogue with key education stakeholders in affected districts. 2. Saturday classes at the Muslim Union Association Secondary School have been stopped as a result of the collaborative and intervention efforts of agents of the ACC’s PNB campaign. 1. There has been a permanent suspension of all Saturday classes for non - examination classes within Bo City and district. This includes all Junior and Senior Secondary Schools within the District. 2. Junior Secondary School (JSS 1) School charges for the 2017 academic year in Kenema district have been harmonized and regulated. 3. Saturday classes have also been banned in Kenema district as a direct replication of good practices initiated by Bo district. 4. Excess fee charges at the Holy Rosary Secondary School in Kenema for Junior Secondary School pupils amounting to Le4,000,000 have been refunded. 5. School charges at the Henry Fergusson School Kennedy Street, Freetown have been reduced considerably. 6. Parents who were charged excess fees/school charges at the Ansarul Islamic Secondary School were reimbursed. Fees Grades and Exams Report Card Other

6. THE SIERRA LEONE POLICE - RESPONSE SUMMARY 26 OCTOBER – 26 DECEMBER 2017 Services Reported General Actions Taken Specific Actions Taken Bail 1. Criminal prosecutions are done where necessary. 2. Regular parade briefs. Force - wide sensitization. Staff rotation. 3. Step up pro - action drive. 4. Ensure monitoring of resource allocation such as stationeries and fuels to commanders is done. 5. Issuance of zero tolerance in all administrative duties. 1. Transfer of 'DTO' to other area. This action was taken in November 2017 – Bombali 2.Reduction of Checkpoints at the Freetown - Makeni Highway - Bombali 3. Dismissal of two personnel found receiving bookings at Tikonko checkpoint. These actions were taken between Oct to Nov 2017 – Bo 4 . Removal of traffic officers from the Central Business District – Kenema Covering up Evidence Harassment of... Police Report and Investigation Suspect Arrest Traffic Other Total

3. SIGNIFICANT CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS QUARTER • There is a reduction in the Percentage of “I did not Pay a Bribe” and “I Met an Honest Official” from 18 % and 9 % from the previous quarter to 10 % respectively . • Sectoral comparison sees slight increase in percentage of reports for the following sectors : Education ( 21 % to 23 % ), Health ( 26 % to 30 % ), in the fourth quarter .

7. ACC COMMENTS TO POLICE SECTOR DATA AND RESPONSE • The ACC is looking forward to learning of the result of the multistakeholder meeting the SLP is having regarding the managing the check - points in a way that prevents corrupt practices . The ACC has still not received confirmation on whether the meeting has taken place and is still looking forward to learn of its conclusions . • ACC commends the strict administrative measures taken in rotating Divisional Traffic Commanders, and the removal of Traffic Officers when deemed necessary .

25. 15 - 29 years Percentage 30 - 49 years Percentage Above 50 years Percentage Total Female Education 1660 41% 567 20% 67 21% 2294 Electricity 49 1% 200 7% 28 9% 277 Health Care 1845 46% 1492 52% 114 37% 3451 Police 428 11% 505 18% 84 27% 1017 Water 23 1% 36 1% 9 3% 68 Other 12 0% 46 2% 10 3% 68 Total 4017 2846 312 7175 Male Education 981 30% 626 12% 104 11% 1711 Electricity 51 2% 237 5% 116 12% 404 Health Care 394 12% 593 12% 76 8% 1063 Police 1824 55% 3527 69% 601 62% 5952 Water 4 0% 40 1% 24 2% 68 Other 51 2% 123 2% 48 5% 222 Total 3305 5146 969 9420 Grand Total 7322 7992 1281 16595 GENDER LIKELIHOOD FOR “I PAID A BRIBE” BY SECTOR AND AGE GROUPS IN PNB DISTRICTS


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