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By: Sulaiman B. Sowa

In an effort to promote integrity in public institutions, the Eastern Region Anti-Corruption Commission Office in Kenema has engaged officers of the Sierra Leone Police in Tongo on the need to uphold integrity in law enforcement. The engagement took place at the Police station in Tongo Town, Lower Bambara Chiefdom, Kenema District, on the 23rd November, 2021.

ACC’s Senior Public Education Officer Sulaiman B. Sowa said police officers should embrace integrity to remain dedicated, committed, honest, and focused on protecting lives and properties. He further described integrity as choosing courage over comfort and choosing to practice values rather than simply professing them in doing public service work.

Mr. Sowa told officers that integrity is worth more than anything money can buy, something he said that can help ward off all temptations of corruption, thereby giving police officers the confidence and determination to do their job. He therefore entreated police officers to do their jobs in a manner that makes them beacons of honesty and agents of fighting corruption.

Detailing key offences in the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 as amended in 2019, Mr. Sowa said police officers should avail themselves the opportunity of familiarizing with the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 as amended in 2019. He highlighted several key offences and their modes of commission, noting that each carries a minimum fine of not less than Fifty Million Leones or a jail term of not less than five years or to both jail term and fine. He concluded by encouraging all officers to uphold integrity, which will immune them from corruption.

Appreciating the engagement, Local Unit Commander of the Sierra Leone Police in Tongo, Sao Vandy, applauded the Commission for constantly reminding them on how to prevent corruption through customized meetings. He reiterated that integrity is key in their job and that it is about doing the right thing without being monitored to do so. He promised to disseminate the messages to other officers as they continue to support the fight against corruption.

A question and answer session climaxed the engagement.