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ACC Boss Thrills CCMT Staff and Students

[11:43 AM, 7/2/2021] Director Patri: Thursday, 24th June, 2021 - Canadian College of Modern Technology, Silicon Hills Mile 91. 

Sierra Leone's Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption commission, Francis Ben-Kaifala Esq., has delivered a public lecture at the Canadian College of Modern Technology on the theme 'How can we reclaim the strength of Sierra Leone in this age of corruption?' The lecture attracted students and members of staff of CCMT. In his talk, the ACC boss urged students to refrain from corrupt practices and noted that corruption was one the reasons for the underdevelopment of many nations, adding that Sierra Leone is not an exception. 

He pointed out that though the country is challenged in areas like health care, education, poor infrastructure, among others, but maintained that the country is well known for its religious tolerance, peace and stability, mineral deposits, its natural touristic attraction and its numerous strides in the fight against corruption.


In terms of peace and stability, he said that Sierra Leone is highly recognized as one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The latest Global peace Index released by the Institute for Economics and Peace, rated Sierra Leone 46 out of 163 countries. This, the ACC head noted, means that Sierra Leone is more peaceful than most advanced countries, including France and the United States of America, which were ranked 66, and 121 respectively.

‘’The country under my leadership and with the support from government has done tremendously well in the fight against corruption. Currently, we are at the center of attraction and admiration in the fight against corruption in the world,’’ he revealed. 

He emphasized that everyone including the students should effect the change that Sierra Leone needs, adding that people should desist from doing things that tend to put them apart. He advised that every Sierra Leonean must resist corruption and join the crusade in the fight against corruption.

Commissioner Ben-Kaifala further disclosed that he was impressed and gratified with the state of the art facilities he saw at the CCMT campus. ‘’I never knew how beautiful and attractive the Canadian College was when passing by heading for Bo and Kenema, but with what I have seen today, especially the Electronic Library, the Computer Labs, the multipurpose building among other things, I am so moved and wish to send my kids here to study,’’ he noted. 

He further called on government and the relevant authorities to expedite the approval process for the college to attain a University status, noting that the college is on the right path in building the country’s human capital. 

Other people who made meaningful contributions were the college’s Registrar, Director of Academic Affairs, Director of Students Affairs, and President of the Students Union Government among others. 

Courtesy of CCMT Television.