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The Policy and Ethics Unit of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has presented a report on Institutional Anti-Corruption Policy to the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA). The presentation took place on Tuesday 22nd March 2022, at the Conference Room of the NaCSA Head Office, Charlotte Street, Freetown.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA, Jimmy Batilo Songa. In his statement, he welcomed staff of the ACC and further recounted that the Commission is doing extremely well in its efforts of preventing and combating corruption. “I want to commend the ACC for creating the enabling environment for dialogue, and for also giving us the tools we need, by presenting a document that will help us to ensure that we prevent corruption in NaCSA,” he said.

The Deputy Director of the Prevention Department, ACC, Patrick Martin George, stated that the desire of the ACC is for NaCSA to take ownership of the Institutional Anti-Corruption Policy, so that staff of the institution will embrace the policy and implement them in the daily execution of their duties. He described the policy as a “meeting point for both the ACC and NaCSA to identify specific corruption issues that are unique in the institution, as well as be a guide to prevent corruption.  He catalogued the benefits that NaCSA could derive from the policy and their responsibility as an institution in the fight against corruption.

Senior Policy and Ethics Officer of the ACC Musa Kanteh spoke on the methodology used to prepare the policy and emphasized that the document is a policy guide that will in no way contradict the policy of the institution but rather strengthen the already existing policy as the fight against corruption is a collaborative effort by all and sundry.

The formal presentation of copies of the policy by the Deputy Director of the Prevention Department of the ACC to the Deputy Commissioner of NaCSA climaxed the event.