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 By: Jeneba Kemoh M'bayo


The Prevention Unit of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Eastern Regional Office in Kenema on Friday 21st October, 2022 trained personnel of the Sierra Leone Correctional Center on Ethics and Integrity in the workplace.


Speaking to the personnel, Prevention Officer, ACC, Abiebatu Abu-Mattia said, meetings of this nature are in line with Section 7 (1) of the Anti-Corruption Act of 2008 as amended in 2019; “it is the mandate of the Commission to take all necessary steps as may be necessary for the prevention, eradication or suppression of corruption in Government Ministries and other public bodies.”

She noted that workplace ethics are set values, morals and principles that need to be followed by both employers and employees.

Dilating on the benefits for ethical compliance in the workplace, Madam Miatta informed them that organizational growth squarely hinges on good and ethical culture; improves positive ambiance and it ensures that good working relationship between the employee and the employer is attained, thereby suppressing corruption and corrupt practices.


She furthered that some good ethical practices in the work place are integrity, transparency, discipline, respect, to name but a few. She emphasized that these practices will foster organizational growth and promote anti-corruption policies.

On the negative effects of unethical practices in the workplace, Madam Mattia described unethical practices as actions that are counterproductive to organizational growth. These, she said include, lying, cheating, misappropriation, sexual harassment, violence and any form of abuse of office. 


ACC’s Public Education Officer, Jeneba Kemoh M'bayo in her presentation urged staff of the Correctional Centre to report corruption whenever and wherever noticed. She assured them of the identity secret maintained in the Commission’s operations for persons who choose to report corruption. Regardless their being staff of the Correctional Centre, Jeneba also reminded them of the protection accorded to persons who report corruption to the Commission as enshrined in Section 81 of the Anti-Corruption Act 2008 (as amended in 2019). She further informed them about the ‘Whistleblower Protection Policy’ operated by the Commission, which provides for a 10% benefit/reward to anyone who reports any corruption matter that is successfully dealt with and recovery made. Jeneba encouraged the audience to always use the toll free lines: 077-985985/077-986986 to report any suspected incidence of corruption.


Responding to the ACC, Madam Maseray Sesay, Correctional Centre Manager thanked the Commission noting that, such training is timely and educative especially at a time Sierra Leone seeks rebranding herself in all facets in a bid to attain national and international growth. She admonished her staff to continue standing tall against corruption by maintaining integrity and transparency in the workplace.

Questions and answers session climaxed the engagement.