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Sierra Leone Police Response

PNB - Sierra Leone Police 26 December 2016

The Sierra Leone Police – Response Summary

26 September 2016 to 26 December 2016

Services ReportedI Paid a BribeI Did not Pay a BribeI Met an Honest OfficialGeneral Actions TakenSpecific Actions Taken
Bail52943261.       Summoned all crime Officers and Regional Police commanders to a meeting at the Police headquarters on the way forward on the reporting platform at the strategic level

2.       Sting operations at hotspots areas by CDIID Pro-active wing.

3.       Regional Police commanders to take ownership of the Pay No Bribe campaign i.e. Regional police commanders are to monitor traffic duties at various checkpoints and investigation departments

4.       Multi agencies checkpoints to conduct stakeholders meetings and on the PNB platform.

5.       Organize joint media programs on local FM radio stations at the piloted areas on sensitizations

1.       Reduction of illegal checkpoints from 23rd December 2016 to 12th January 2017 total of 21. Within the south (9 illegal check points) and East (12 illegal checkpoints). B0/Koribondo, Bo/Matrru, Bo/Matotoka Highways & Blama/Bama Konta, Kenema/Zimmi. Kenema/Kailahun, Kenema/Tongo/Kono Highways.


Covering up Evidence1734
Harassment of…22153
Police Report and Investigation1683933
Suspect Arrest1061521