An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

Contact us on: +23278832131 or info@anticorruption.gov.sl
Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.


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3.  Excellent interpersonal skills with particularly strong influencing and negotiations skills.  Good communication skills (written and verbal)  Strong analytical skills and good problem - solving skills  Quan titative ability.  Attention to detail. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE : Attractive Please submit your Covering letter, CV and copies of credentials to the under - mentioned address not later than Tuesday , 20 th February, 2024 . THE DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCE ANTI - C ORRUPTION COMMISSION INTEGRITY HOUSE FREETOWN Each application should be forwar ded with two (1) passport sized photographs a nd copies of relevant documents. The Commission being an equal opportunity employer strongly urges females with requisite quali fications to apply and compete for the position on offer. Only short - listed candidates will be contacted.

1. JOB VACANCY ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION The Anti - Corruption Commission is seeking out suitably qualified Sierra Leoneans to fill following vacant position: JOB TITLE : FLEET OFFICER DEPARTMENT : ADMINISTRATION LOCATION (S) : FREETOWN REPORTS TO : ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB : To provide support in maximizing efficiency in the operational management of the Commission’s vehicle fleet and services. TASKS AND DUTIES:  To provide support in planning, managing and coordinating t he Commission’s fleet and related activities.  To assist in organsing tasks related to procurement, operation, maintenance, repairs and servicing of the Commission’s vehicles/Bikes/Generators. Record Keeping  To register and license al l vehicles and motor bi kes and keep inspections up to date, ensuring proper record keeping and compliance with statutory regulations.  To maintain detail records of vehicle/motor bike/generator servicing and inspection and scheduling regular maintenance to ensure operational eff iciency.  To maintain statistical reports, files and relevant records related to maintenance, repairs, depreciation, mileage, etc.  To maintain electronic databases of registration, inspections and maintenance of all vehicles/motor bikes and generators. Sele cting Vehicles  To proffer recommendations regarding the kind of vehicles to purchase or lease and vehicle replacement.  To understand the specifications of the vehicles that need to be procured, ensure they have optimal quality and advice the Transport Mana ger/Director of Administration.  To proffer advice on vehicles no longer useful for the fleet.  To recommend vehicles for replacement, prepares specifications, and arranges for auction or disposal as necessary. Maintenance/Repairs  To develop and implement st andard operational procedures to maintain vehicles/motor bikes.

2.  To schedule regular vehicle/motor bike maintenance and service to avoid unexpected repairs and minimize costs.  To ensure proper service, repair, and preventive maintenance of vehicles/motor bikes/generators; develop, implement and supervise preventive maintenance programs; periodically reviews repair work and procedures to ensure accuracy, completeness, and efficiency.  To take preventive measures to ensure safety of vehicles and Drivers too. Fuel Management  To streamline and monitor fuel purchase and supply system for all vehicles, motor bikes and generators.  To develop strategies for greater fuel efficiency and ensure keeping costs down. Vehicle/Driver Management  To assist the Human Resource in recruiting and maintaining quality drivers into the fleet.  To develop efficient Driver schedules and ensure adherence.  To monitor and ensure fleet operation in compliance with the Transport Policy and statutory laws.  To make sure vehicles are always rea dy and available to meet requests by scheduling and monitoring current trends in the Commission.  To monitor driver behaviour and ensure a high level of customer service.  To ensure all drivers understand and have up to date licenses at all times.  To arrange fleet and fleet operational staff to provide support on special programmes.  To investigate motor vehicle accident, follow up with relevant external authorities/institutions and report accordingly.  To provide detailed technical training related to fleet ma nagement duties to the subordinate staff members, answer their queries and give information related to various policies and procedures.  To supervise and coordinate Drivers and directs them to do their relevant work effectively.  To t ake part in different wo rkshops and/or programs to keep up with new trend in the Transport industry.  To undertake any task assigned by the Administrative Manager. QUALI FICATIONS:  Good university degree in Mechanical Engineering from a recognised university and/or professional qu alification and/or professional experience.  Advanced computer skills with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications including Microsoft Excel.  Knowledge and experience in automotive maintenance and repair and/or vehicular fleet o peration.  Any other relevant certification EXPERIENCE : At least five (5) years driving experience in a reputable institution . COMPETENCIES :  Absolute integrity and discretion with very high ethical standards  Outstanding organisational and planning skil ls  Pragmatic and has ability to handle divers workload


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