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Address: Cathedral House, 3 Gloucester Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Press release -ACC Indicts two (2) Dep Ministers

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1. ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION CATHEDRAL HOUSE 3 GLOUCESTER STREET FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE, WEST AFRICA 4th December , 2018 PRESS RELEASE ACC INDICTS 2 FORMER DEPUTY MINISTERS FOR VARIOUS CORRUPTION OFFENCES The Anti - Corruption Commission ( ACC) has on 3rd December 2018 , indicted Kadijatu Olamatu Seisay and Abdulai Barrie , the two being former Deputy Ministers of the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure (MWHI), for various corruption offences. Kadijatu Olamatu Seisay was indicted on one count of M isappropriation of Public Property contrary to Section 36(1) of the Anti - Corruption Act, 2008. Abdulai Barrie was indicted on 5 counts of Using Office to I mproperly Confer an A dvantage , contrary to Section 42(1) of the Anti - Corruption Act , 2008; one count of Knowingly A bu sing Position in Performing a D uty , contrary to Section 43 of the Anti - Corruption Act, 2008 ; one count of Failure to Disclose Interest to a Public B ody , contrary to Section 45(1) of the Anti - Corruption Act, 2008; and one count of Knowingly M isleading the Anti - Corruption Commission , contrary to Section 127 of the Anti - Corruption Act, 2008. According to the particulars of offence, Kadijatu Olamatu Seisay, between 18 th December 2017 and 30 th September 2018, misappropriated a Toyota L and Cruis er Jeep GX1200 series ( Off R oad 2017) model with registration number ANK 889 , which was in her possession, but which she claimed was stolen following a trip to Guinea . Abdulai Barrie , on or about the 23 rd June 2015 , used his office to improperly award co ntracts for the refurbishment of various government properties to Rib ar Enterprise, a business he jointly owns , amounting to One Billion, Eight Hundred and Eleven Million, Nine Hundred Leones (Le 1,811,176,900). The Commission wishes to reiterate its unshaken resolve to fighting corruption at all times. For further enquiries, contact Margaret Murray, Public Relations Officer of the Anti - Corruption Commission on +232 76 815 284. .......................................... PATRICK SANDI DIRECTOR , PUBLIC EDUCATION AND OUTREACH


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