An independent institution established for the prevention, investigation, prosecution and punishment of corruption, corrupt practices and to provide for other related matters. 

Contact us on: +23278832131 or info@anticorruption.gov.sl
Address:  Integrity House, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone, West Africa.


Anti-Corruption Commission. SL.

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3. Please submit your Covering letter, CV and copies of certificates to the under - mentioned address not later than Friday 23 rd June 2023 . THE DIRECTOR HUMAN RESOURCES ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION INTEGRITY HOUSE TOWER HILL FREETOWN Each application form shou ld be forwarded with two (2) passport sized photographs. Only short - listed candidates will be contacted.

1. JOB VACANCY ANTI - CORRUPTION COMMISSION The Anti - Corrupt ion Commission is seeking out suitably qualified Sierra Leonean s to fill the under - mentioned position s . JOB TITLE : ESTATES/FACILITIES MANAGER LOCATION: FREETOWN REPORTS TO: DIRECTOR OF ADMINISTRATION MAIN PURPOSE OF THE JOB : To oversee the maintenance and smooth running of the Commission’s estate preserving the good condition of its buildings as well as ensuring available facilities are safe and well functioning . Main Responsibilities:  Heads the Estate/Facility Management Unit working with Maintenance technician staff, Securities and Office Assistants to ensure they perform their duties to the utmost as well as supervise the work of external contractors.  Works directly with the Director of Admin to plan and execute management plan of the properties and grounds.  To ensure all assets consistently meet building regulations.  Manages and oversees the installation, refurbishment, repair/maintenance of equipment and supplies (telecommunication, heat, and electricity, Air Conditioners, Smoke Detectors Fire Extinguishers etc. to meet health and safety standards.  Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations  Inspects building structures to determine the need for repairs or renovation  Manages the inspection and repair/maintenance of electrical, plumbing services and other facilities in the building  Screens and oversees work of Contractors, Construction projects and maintenance of grounds, etc.  Monitors the safety and cleanliness of the interior and exterior areas such as offices, conference room, canteen, parking space allocations, waste disposals, rest rooms and outdoor spaces as well as janitorial duties  Ensures building or estate insurance policies are updated.  Adheres to and keeps u p to date statutory obligations/legislations and regulations that affect estates quality and best practices guidelines  Schedules routine inspection and emergency repairs with outside Contractors  Ensures adequate catering services where available  Prepares q uarterly status reports of buildings and facilities for the attention of the Director of Administration.

2.  Communicates with and manages tenancy agreements ensuring prompt payments of rent as per agreed tenancy.  Undertakes the administration of rent reviews as required in the Terms and Conditions of Tenancies as directed by the Director of Administration  Monitors tenancy agreements, payment of city rates, electricity and water bills and ensures that the Commission’s obligations and rights in relation to land or property agreements are strictly followed.  Manages parking facilities and ensures availability of space and reports to Director of Administration where there are problems.  Ensures buildings and grounds are clean and safe from emergencies such as fires or natural disaster damage.  Provides security procedures like locks on doors that stay up - to - date.  Prepares reports on repair/maintenance, safety and other occurrences for the attention of the Director for prompt action where necessary  Acts as first point of contact in case of emergency (i.e. alarm going off, electrical faults, etc)  Conducts performance appraisals for his/her staff.  Manages contractors employed for a specific purpose, such as building services engineers  Supervises the work of external cont ractors/service engineers  Generally maintains a productive and comfortable environment by ensuring that all aspects of the Commission’s installations and fittings operate effectively and efficiently.  Undertakes any other duty that may be assigned by the Di rector of Administration. QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor or Master Degree in Business Administration and/or equivalent professional qualification and /or professional experience in Estate M anagement or any relevant field.  Must be computer literate EXPERIENCE :  At least 3 years working experience in a related field COMPETENCIES :  Excellent verbal and written communication skills  Excellent organizational and analytical/critical thinking skills  Excellent leadership and delegation skills  Good time management.  Health and safety and regulatory awareness.  Negotiation and problem - solving skills.  Good organizational skills  Must be able to manage external contractors. CONDITIONS OF SERVICE : Attractive


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